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How to Get a Surge in Your Social Engagement

Nyberg's "Big Game" Quiz promotion was our most successful Facebook contest to date! Allow us to share some data with you, the results are truly fantastic!
Nick Dimond

Shenandoah Sporting Goods Sees Spike in Engagement With Facebook 2A!

Facebook has made it very difficult for businesses to organically reach their audience where they spend the majority of their Facebook time—on their own news feeds. Facebook has made it even more difficult for businesses who sell firearms.

Less than 10% of your fans will see your posts unless you use Facebook's paid advertising service. Unfortunately for gun dealers, Facebook does not let your business boost posts if your store sells firearms.
Nick Dimond

Industry News/Tips

5 Tips for Better Email Open and Clickthrough Rates

The top inbound email marketers know that sending emails to people who actually want to hear from you is the first step to success. The second step is making sure your emails don't get lost in inbox clutter, or, even worse, in the spam folder. And finally, the third step is crafting an email that people will actually click through.
Nick Dimond

Email Campaigns: How To Create Excitement & Reinforce Value

As a business, creating excitement about your email campaigns should be one of your top priorities. Targeting customers where they are already engaging with you is a great approach. Here are a few ideas to encourage new customers to subscribe to your email campaigns & reinforce the value during the transaction.
Nick Dimond

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