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Can Your Customers Find Your Retail Store in the Major Search Engines? See How FootSteps Can Help!

Without an effective Search Engine Marketing Strategy, your website is a billboard in the middle of cyberspace with very little chance of being found by your customers. The solution? Implementing a Best Practices Search Engine Optimization Setup! FootSteps Marketing websites all come equipped with our custom best practices SEO set up. This set up combined with our incredible email and social marketing services WILL get customers to your website and into your store!
Nick Dimond

Ironbridge Golf Club & Mountain Community Sets Two New Records!

Ironbridge Golf Club set two new records yesterday. Most rounds played, (138 rounds vs. their old record of 130 rounds) and first time over $5,000 at the restaurant. The combination of event food, golfers eating, drinking, and a great Friday night dinner crowd, allowed them to exceed their previous best at the restaurant by over $1,000. The service was great, food well received, and the “buzz” was extremely positive. How did Ironbridge do it?
Nick Dimond

Industry News/Tips

Best Practices Tip: Use Email Campaigns as a Service to Your Customers

Using email campaigns as a service and not just a direct sales and marketing medium is an excellent strategy. It will build brand loyalty, increase your open and engagement rates, and most likely also increase your sales.
Nick Dimond

Are You Placing Enough Value on Your Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is an exceptionally effective marketing tool. Do you have a Social Media Marketing Strategy? Are you placing enough value on your Social Media Marketing Strategy? You need to be! Like it or not, marketing via Social Media channels is the way of the future and it is here to stay!
Nick Dimond

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