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Case Study: FootSteps Marketing Website Design, Marketing Campaigns, and Best Practices SEO Setup Yields Great Results!

Case Study: Having a website built by FootSteps marketing WILL increase the traffic to your website and the quality of that traffic. More people visiting your website equals more people (footsteps) in your door! FootSteps Marketing website's all come equipped with our custom best practices SEO set up. This set up combined with out incredible email and social marketing services WILL get customers to your website and into your store!
Nick Dimond

Case Study: Hillcrest Ace Hardware Gained 400 New Likes in a Month! How Did They Do It?

With the help of FootSteps Marketing's Social Plus and Virtual Posting Assistant, Hillcrest Ace Hardware gained 400 new likes in a month! Keep reading to learn more...
Nick Dimond

Industry News/Tips

Best Practices Tip: Video is Growing Rapidly as a Key Marketing Tool

The secret to implementing great marketing programs is not to get too far ahead of yourself, and not to fall too far behind! Video marketing has been around for years, but for a number of reasons, (i.e. cash cost to produce, internal resources needed for production, no clear content strategy, cumbersome to post and distribute), it has never really taken off. Now, the time is right. Since all of these factors have been addressed, we recommend making video the next big step in your marketing program. In the near future, you will hear from us about how we can help with either the distribution of existing video or the creation of highly effective, affordable marketing videos.
Pat Curry

Enhance Your Customer Service with NRHA's PlanItDIY Video Package!

The NRHA PlanItDIY Video Package and In Store Signage package comes loaded with valuable interactive content for your website and physical store locations. This package will enhance your service to customers and increase their engagement on you site and in your store. The social engagement component of customers interacting is also of high value for increasing your rankings in Google. Keep reading for more info and examples...
Chris Bouchard

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