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Success Stories

Alaska Sport Shop Kicks Off Awesome Facebook Contest!

Take a look at this awesome email campaign that Alaska Sport Shop recently sent out to kick off their Fall Hunting Photo Facebook Contest. So far, they have sent this email campaign out twice with an average open rate of 12% and average click-through rate of 29%. A 29% click-through rate is incredibly successful and blows away the industry average (8.7%).
Nick Dimond

How Raleigh Ace Hardware Got 452 Customers to View Their "Spooktacular Savings" Sale

Raleigh Ace Hardware's recent "Spooktacular Savings" email campaign was a great success! Out of the 1,774 customers that opened the email, 26% of them clicked on a link that led to the digital circular or to the Raleigh Ace website. As of June 2015, the retail industry's average email click-through rate is 8.7%. Raleigh Ace blew that out of the water with a whopping 26% click-through rate!
Nick Dimond

Industry News/Tips

10 Basic Elements of a Winning Website

Your website should be the central hub of your retail store’s communication, your online billboard. After all, it is available to be accessed by your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and should be used as an automated assistant, geared to provide helpful information while you or your staff aren’t assisting customers that are walking the aisles of your store during business hours.
Nick Dimond

Include A Prominent "Like Us on Facebook" Call to Action in Your Email Campaign

Prominent calls to action are an important part of any email campaign. The right call to action can make your email campaign and the wrong one (or lack of one) can just as easily break it. Take a look at the simple, yet clean and effective way Langham Creek Ace Hardware decided to position their call to action to like their Facebook page.
Nick Dimond

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