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Success Stories

Nite Guard Has Incredible Success with Latest Email Campaign!

Check out the email we recently sent out on behalf of Nite Guard. This email has some of the most impressive response statistics we have seen! The email blew industry averages out of the water with a 27% open rate (2,018 customers) and 54% click through rate (1,081 customers). Very impressive statistics here!
Nick Dimond

Can Your Customers Find Your Retail Store in the Major Search Engines? See How FootSteps Can Help!

Without an effective Search Engine Marketing Strategy, your website is a billboard in the middle of cyberspace with very little chance of being found by your customers. The solution? Implementing a Best Practices Search Engine Optimization Setup! FootSteps Marketing websites all come equipped with our custom best practices SEO set up. This set up combined with our incredible email and social marketing services WILL get customers to your website and into your store!
Nick Dimond

Industry News/Tips

Announce Your Events on Your Home Page, Facebook Page and via Email Campaigns!

Take a look at this sharp looking email that we recently sent out on behalf of Seaboard Ace Hardware! Seaboard Ace Hardware did an excellent job promoting this event. They sent out a total of two email campaigns and also have the event posted on their Facebook page and the home page of their website. If you want people attending your events this is the way to do it! This is 360 degree marketing at its finest!
Nick Dimond

Best Practices Tip: Use Email Campaigns as a Service to Your Customers

Using email campaigns as a service and not just a direct sales and marketing medium is an excellent strategy. It will build brand loyalty, increase your open and engagement rates, and most likely also increase your sales.
Nick Dimond

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