piper bot

piper bot

Artificial Intelligence Bot/Office Morale Booster

Piper is FootSteps Marketing's artificial intelligence bot written to help us deploy our development environments. Integrated with our internal messaging system, any time we need to roll out a new version of our content management system, we tell Piper to do it and she does.

Named after Tyler Wheaton’s beloved dog, Piper can do more than just deploy our content management environments. She also takes lunch orders, will post images of cute pug dogs, will remind us to do tasks, helps us make decisions between two options, and more. Eventually, we’d like to teach her how to make and bring us coffee, tea, and actually run out and delver the lunch orders, but for now we’ll settle for her responding with “PONG” to commands of ping and coming up with cute names for us, like SuperSparrow.

In real life, Piper is actually a dog who likes to run, chase squirrels, hang out with her people, and is afraid of cows. She’s probably one of the sweetest dogs the FootSteps team has ever had the pleasure of working with.

Favorite quote? "Aarf, arf arf ruff rrrrrr-arf, Bark!" ~Odie.

What inspires you? Chasing my tail.

Most people don't know that I am an artificially intelligent bot and also a dog!

What's your motto? Seize the dog day afternoon.

What's an item on your bucket list? Drive a Tesla. I once had a gerbil friend who did and I’ve wanted to try it ever since!

My favorite jam is The Best of Friends from the Fox and the Hound movie.

If I could have any superpower, it would be to have opposable thumbs.

Favorite book? The Cat in the Hat, or the whole Warriors series.

I never leave home without my best friend.

Favorite vacation spot? Wherever my people go.

What's your nickname? Pipes, P-dog, or P-diddy-dog.

On weekends you can find me wagging my tail with my humans.

How would you describe the culture of FootSteps? Mostly two-legged, walk upright, none of them have tails, and almost all of them have opposable thumbs.

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