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    As a digital marketing firm, we take pride in our work and take advantage of time off. With the holidays just around the corner, we know some of you might want to dig into your digital marketing, even while we’re celebrating the holidays with family and friends. That’s why we blog and provide free webinars, available 24/7. 

    Search Marketing, including SEO, Google Business Listings, Content Marketing, can feel overwhelming. We’ve crafted 11 30-minute webinars that are free and accessible anytime, anywhere. We want to help you deploy Search Marketing. Our Free Monthly Webinars are the first step.  

     FSM’s search marketing packages are available as an add-on to any tier of a FootSteps Marketing website and are sold per store location.

    Additionally, if you ever have a marketing emergency (sounds silly, but they happen!), please fill out our Emergency Assistance form.