3 Steps to Boost Your Innate Creativity

One thing every website design needs is a creative, artistic approach to translating your message, visually, to the people you most want to see it. Simultaneously, one of the greatest myths about creativity is that you either have it or you don’t. But that’s simply not true. Everyone is capable of creative thought, and everyone can learn to harness their creativity.

When our design team is tasked with a new design and build, we follow a few general rules to make sure the process stays on topic but pushes the boundaries, too.

1. Take a walk.

It isn’t groundbreaking news but it is backed by science: people are more creative when they are active. In fact, a 2014 Stanford University study, by Marily Oppezzo and Daniel Schwartz, showed that people are much more creative when they are walking around as opposed to when they are sitting still. Based on monitoring 176 college students as they completed certain creative thinking tasks. the researchers found that when people were walking, either on the treadmill or outdoors, they were 60% more creative than when sitting around.

At FootSteps Marketing, we encourage taking breaks throughout the day, walking our office dogs or getting out for some exercise, to not only help mitigate any day to day stress but also to engage our creative side. 

2. Give yourself time.

There’s a common myth, backed by a culture of multi-tasking, that creativity thrives under pressure. But ‘incubation time’—where you allow your mind to wander after you’ve taken new information in—will allow your mind to rest, assimilate the information, and come up with new and better ideas. As you begin the process of designing your new website, do a little pre-incubation collaging: collect images, colors, and concepts from other websites that you like and, just as importantly, aspects you don’t like and let your mind (and your team) ruminate. 

We build into every new website contract ample time – not only for client input but also for our own research and development – to ensure that our team and our clients have the time and resources they need to make the most impact with creativity.

3. Rethink the problem.

Creativity is a kind of problem-solving. And creative thought often results from rethinking the problem. A group from Ohio University found that people could double their creativity by thinking about ‘what could have been’. This viewpoint made them come up with even better ideas, and more creative thinking for future problems. 

The pressure to design and build the coolest, chicest most modern website can be overwhelming. And finally, make sure that the end result accurately represents you and your company. Being creative is great, but being unauthentic is gross. Be great. 

Or, hire us – we’re really good at what we do. Check out some of our favorite projects and designs.


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