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    In 2016, having a professional Facebook page is essential. There are many components to a successful, engaging Facebook page. Below are 6 tips for an engaging Facebook business page.

    1. Use a Familiar and Recognizable Profile Picture

    This will very likely be the first image your potential fan sees. Consider using an image that is familiar and recognizable- your company’s logo is always a good choice.

    Logo as Facebook Profile Picture


    2. Choose an Attractive and Engaging Cover Photo

    Your Facebook cover photo takes up most of your page’s above the fold real estate, it is important that you a) have a cover photo and b) choose one that is high quality and engaging.

     Engaging Facebook Cover Photo


    3. Add a Call-to-Action (CTA) Button to Your Cover Photo

    Facebook allows you to add one of 11 pre-made call-to-action buttons to your Facebook page’s cover photo. Some of the options include: “Sign Up,” Shop Now,” Contact Us,” “Book Now,” “Use App,” “Watch Video,” “Send Email,” and “Learn More.” All CTA buttons can be customized with a destination URL of your choosing. Using CTA buttons on your Facebook page’s cover photo is a powerful way to generate traffic back to your website


    Facebook Cover Photo with a Call To Action


    4. Post Photos and Videos to Your Timeline

    Photos and videos are proven to be the most engaging types of content on Facebook (Quintly Social Media Analytics Blog). Be sure to include a photo in the majority, if not all, of your posts. Posting relevant and fun videos is also a great way to boost engagement.

    Video Post on Facebook Timeline


    5. Promote Lead/Customer Generation and Non-Lead/Customer Generation Content

    Even if your page’s main goal is to generate leads and/or build your customer base, you shouldn’t use every post to promote offers and products. Balancing offers/products/sales posts and helpful or informative posts helps with engagement. Then, when you do publish product or sales offers, your fan base will be bigger and more people will see your promotions.

    fun Facebook post example


    6. Pay Attention to Facebook Insights to Measure the Success of Your Facebook Efforts

    Using Facebook Insights, you can track you specific Facebook page engagement metrics. These metrics show both specific post engagements and also overall page likes, as well as other engagement metrics.

    Facebook Insights