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FootSteps Marketing was created to help small businesses improve their online presence, driving customer engagement and footsteps through their doors. With an acute understanding of the dynamic evolution of the internet, we aim to match the needs of our clients with digital support and success online.  

Some things never change. 

The basic tenets of marketing are the same as they’ve always been: engagement, information, action. The medium, though, that changes every day.

There are more ways to market your business than ever before and we specialize in helping you leverage your online presence through your website, email marketing, search marketing, and social media.

But we can help you with the things that do. 

What does FootSteps Marketing do for our customers? We build premium websites for independently owned small and medium-sized businesses and provide continued online marketing services to promote your company and build your online and in-store customer base.

Because we like what we do and where we work. 

We are a small but mighty firm with a price tag to match. We are like our customers — a small business. We like to build relationships with our clients as we build websites, emails, or social and search marketing campaigns.

At FootSteps, each of us wears many hats and have many talents, we work through everything as a team and we share a committed dedication to our clients.