Lauren Keller

Lauren Keller

Marketing Services Production Assistant

Lauren started her career in internet marketing production in 2005 when she graduated with honors from The Art Institute of Pittsburg with a degree in Interactive Media Design. After graduating, she designed and built websites for local businesses and shortly thereafter started working for an agency in the Roaring Fork Valley designing websites and managing website production, focusing primarily on the vacation rental and real estate industries. In 2012, she left the agency to do freelance contract work and spend some time with her new son until she saw an opportunity to join the FootSteps team. Now, as a Marketing Services Production Assistant at FootSteps, she enjoys a slightly different angle on website production: doing website updates, posting circulars, and creating email campaigns.

Outside of work, Lauren can be found adventuring the gorgeous mountains and deserts of Western Colorado and Southeastern Utah.

What inspires you? Exploring nature, traveling, my kids.

What's an item on your bucket list? To see the full effect of the aurora borealis.

My favorite jam… Anything sourced locally, particularly raspberry.

If I could have any superpower, it would be… Definitely flying. I’ve had dreams that I could fly since I was a small child.

I never leave home without... My iPhone.

I totally geek out over... Identifying native plants.

Favorite vacation spot? Canyon country.

Favorite local hiking or biking trail? Red Mountain.

What's your nickname? I’ve been called Lu, La, and Rosie.

On weekends you can find me… Exploring the beautiful country of Colorado and Utah, camping, hiking, skate skiing, snowboarding, or going to the symphony with my husband and two sons.

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