Saul Schalit

Saul Schalit

Professional Smile Enhancer

Saul, lovingly known around the office as SaultyDog, has been a fan of FootSteps his whole life; he takes lots and lots of footsteps and often, through doors, even without an invitation. He loves long walks in any direction: on the beach, on the trails, behind skis, over rocks, and through rivers. An adventurer by nature, but trapped in a tiny body, Saul appreciates the finer things in life, like being packed-out on backcountry ski trips and paraded around in his tag-along-trailer on his person's bicycle. If you are lucky enough to visit FootSteps HQ in Carbondale, Colorado, you will likely get to meet him and, if you're really lucky, he'll sit in your lap during a meeting.

Most people don't know that I'm a diabetic dog.

I totally geek out over climbing 14ers and digging giant holes.

Favorite vacation spot? The Florida Keys.

What's your nickname? SaultyDog or Sauloman if I'm in trouble.

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