Posted June 30, 2017 By Lauren Keller

Benefits of Promoting Products on Your Website

Even if you don’t sell products online, promoting the products you have in your store on your website can help drive traffic both to your website and your brick-and-mortar location. Here are 4 benefits of promoting products on your website.

row of promoted products on website

1. It’s a great customer service tool.

Based on website data from hundreds of independent retailers, we know that when a customer lands on your website, they’re most often looking for the following information:

  • Your location
  • Hours of operation
  • A way to contact you
  • Information about the departments, services, brands, and specific products you carry
  • Sales, specials, deals, and coupons

By promoting specific products on your website, especially those that are discounted, you’re making it easier for your customers to make a purchase decision. If they know the product they’re looking for is in stock and how much it’s going to cost, they’ll be much more likely to purchase from you as opposed to making an online purchase from another retailer.

2. Adding products to your website will help you rank better in search engine listings.

When you add brands, products, and product information to your website, your store is more likely to show up when customers search for brand and product information through a search engine. Ranking for brand and product keywords can help you capture new customers from search engine listings that may otherwise shop elsewhere. 

3. You can “sell” online without setting up an e-commerce solution.

You don’t have to have an e-commerce setup to make your website a great sales tool. Many independent retailers opt for e-commerce thinking it will make them more competitive in the online marketplace. While this is sometimes the case, the logistics involved in a smooth operating e-commerce solution often require more time and labor than independent retailers expect. If you choose to promote products on your website, consider adding a “call to action” button on the product page inviting customers to reserve an item for in-store pickup. The required logistics are minimal for your team, while adding a major convenience factor for your customers. Additionally, driving in-store traffic increases basket size and ensures customers purchase the right product.

4. Push targeted products to increase sales.  

Maintaining your product inventory can be challenging enough without having to make sure your inventory gets updated on your website, too. Choosing specific products to promote on your website, rather than including your whole inventory, allows you to strategically push product you need to move. Whether you’re running a great sale, have overstock to get rid of, just got a new product in, or want to promote something that is seasonally relevant, being selective about which products you promote on your website can help drive more impactful sales. 

Ready to start promoting products on your website? With FootSteps Marketing’s new Product Promotion Tool, adding products to your website is easier than ever!

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