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How Writing a Blog Will Improve Your Search Results


    Blogging, or content creation for your business, may seem like a simple task, but it bears weight when it comes to your online marketing strategy. Content marketing is key to successfully cutting through the noise on the internet and getting found online by your future prospects and customers. Blogging thoughtful content deserves your dedication and a strategy as it impacts your search results in many ways.

    Google and other search engines prefer websites that refresh their content consistently. Additionally, blogs make great social media posts and email marketing campaigns that can link directly back to your website, thus driving up traffic and making those search engines pay even more attention to you.

    Once you’ve created a great blog that highlights your expertise or something special about your shop, share it wisely. Digital marketers know where and how to strategically promote/share content. To speed up your learning curve on sharing strategy, FSM complied a little list of best practices for you. 

    Once you’ve written and posted your blog or new content to your website:

    • Utilize social media to spread the word: it’s free and it’s simple
    • Engage your email list, don’t abuse it with too much, but don’t abandon it either. *Best practices for small businesses: send at least three emails monthly and no more than eight
    • Constantly recalibrate your strategy as things change quickly in the world of social media and technology and you’ve got to stay on top of them. Pay attention to stats and engagement
    • Use keywords often and mindfully as they are key to the success of your SEO
    • Hashtags are not a trend – they are here to stay and using them will amplify your content
    • Videos are an awesome way to engage your customer; make them or share someone else’s often to enhance the amount of time folks stay on your site
    • Consistent engagement on social media is critical to you staying on top of your game
    • Use social media platforms that make sense to you/your business and try to be as savvy as you can with fewer than poorly with many
    • Engage your audience, this may mean a cat video every once in a while… sigh.

    If you find that, even with this quick-look list, you’re overwhelmed, it might be time to expand your horizons and find a new employee whose sole purpose is content marketing. Maybe, even, it’s time to change the game and hire a digital marketing agency: specializing in everything from web design to social media marketingsearch engine optimization to content marketing to content creation.