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  • A Day in the Construction Zone (Instead of at the Desk)

    Posted July 15, 2018 by Sydney Schalit
    There’s only one thing better than doing a good deed, and that’s getting paid for it. We at FootSteps Marketing are committed to building and maintaining our corporate culture and our mountain community. That being said, we know all too well the ever-increasing cost of living here in the Roaring Fork Valley and have decided to offer our team the chance to actively be a part of building and maintaining both. We took our team to volunteer as a build-crew for our local Habitat for Humanity. Not only will this day out of the office get us out of the office, away from our computers, into our community, but it also provides our team with a chance to see our co-workers and company in a new light.
  • GDPR Compliance and Best Practices

    Posted May 17, 2018 by Sydney Schalit
    The GDPR is a new law that requires all websites that collect data (so, all websites) to have a GDPR compliant privacy policy, to gather consent when collecting data and to ensure their third-party vendors are compliant as well. It's a lot to stomach, so, to help you prepare for these changes, FootSteps Marketing is providing you with an FAQ page and steps to get GDPR comply, and a few tips to help you prepare for GDPR.
  • Define Your Own Social Media Success

    Posted February 20, 2018 by Sydney Schalit
    Success on Social Media should be defined by you, not stats.
  • 23 Minutes to Improve Your Knowledge of SEM

    Posted February 6, 2018 by Sydney Schalit
    SEM and SEO are one in the same; SEM (Search Engine Marketing or search marketing, as it is widely known) is the marketing tactic from which SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes, though the terms are often interchanged.
  • Understanding Your Email Marketing Stats

    Posted April 19, 2017 by Lauren Keller
    Email marketing can be a very effective way to reach your customers between in-store visits. Effective email marketing campaigns should keep your business present in the minds of your customers and entice them to make purchases.
  • Understanding Your Website Visitors: Google Analytics

    Posted March 16, 2017 by
    Google Analytics gives you a breakdown of your website visitors. You can use the following information to determine how people are finding your website and which pages they are visiting while they are there.