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Google Partner Badge

Thanks to our team’s dedication and hard work, FootSteps Marketing is now a certified Google Partner. Our team, especially over the past three years, has demonstrated Google Ads expertise and earned a Partner status, badge, and benefits. 

Why we’re proud…

Seeing the badge on a marketing firm’s website tells you a lot about the business. Google Partner status isn’t handed out; it is hard earned. Not only must teammates take courses and pass tests to gain individual qualifications, but the business itself must also prove that it meets strict requirements to become a partner. 

Seeing the badge on our website assures our clients that they are in mindful, capable, trustworthy hands. Whether looking for a highly targeted PPC campaign or an SEO overhaul for a website, our clients know that, because we have the Google Partner badge, that we intentionally invest in our team’s professional development in order to demonstrate and provide exceptional online performance.

Taylor Rogers_certified

Certified Google Ad Specialist, Taylor Rogers

The process, in our case, started with an individual employee who wanted to learn more about the sometimes overwhelming world of Google, Search Engine Optimization and beyond. In an ongoing effort to ensure our team is at the top of the game with a dedicated Professional Development Program, FootSteps encouraged Taylor to take the tests, do the work and she, of course!, passed with flying colors. Taylor demonstrated proficiency in AdWords by studying for and passing both a fundamentals exam and one of two advanced exams. She diligently worked her way through subjects such as “Introduction to AdWords” or “Managing Multiple Accounts” and proved to Google that she was a certifiable keyword ninja. Congratulations, Taylor!

Why you’re pumped…

This certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers only to businesses who demonstrate proficiency in advanced aspects of Google Ads and that Google recognizes as an expert in online advertising. 

Better Results This certification and badge ensures that you’re working with the best of the best; those that take the time to invest in ongoing education and who demonstrate the skills and capacity to continue to build successful targeted campaigns.

Search Advertising As Google Partners, you know that FootSteps Marketing will help you create and optimize ads that ensure your company or organization will show up on Google Search in front of the right audience. We’ll also assist and advise on keyword strategy and budget planning.

Ongoing Education We take pride in encouraging our team’s professional development as digital marketers so that we can continue to provide exceptional client care as we move with your organization through the always-evolving world of online advertising. 

Display Advertising As a certified Google Partner, we will help your company or organization create compelling visual ads that reach potential customers on over two million websites and 650,000 apps, bringing your brand to life!
Google Partners know the best placements, the best keywords, the best strategies to maximize their clients’ investments and give them a flexible, customized advertising solution.

As a small business or organization owner, you know that seeing this badge on FootSteps Marketing’s website means that your hunch was correct:you are dealing with a company that is able to optimize campaigns, increase brand awareness and improve relationships and deliver more satisfied customers to clients more often by targetting audiences seeking products and services. We are proud to take the guesswork out of digital advertising and show you a proper return on investment. 

For more information on how our Google Partner certified team of search marketing experts can help your organization, reach out to our team.

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