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    FootSteps Marketing was founded to support the efforts of mom & pop shops across the country. The intention was to bring effective, modern digital marketing tactics, at an affordable price, to small companies we believe in and… 9 years later, it’s worked wonderfully. With over 230 clients, representing over 300 locations nationwide, we’re proud to report that we support independent retailers and sole proprietors, non-profits and community-based organizations in dozens of states. 

    As we look forward to our next decade, we decided it was time to update our brand to accurately represents the strides we’ve taken to incorporate clients that make a positive impact on our community, your community and beyond. Organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Garfield County First Responders, Carbondale & Rural Fire Department, Mountain Family Health Centers, English in Action, Mountain Valley Developmental Services, The Sopris Sun and many, many more. 

    As we mentioned, when FootSteps Marketing first started, our logo was perfectly emblematic of what we stood for. But we all know that no company remains static for long. FootSteps has grown and evolved over time. We’ve introduced new services, products, and our team has become purpose focused and therefore has changed, too. For us, these company changes have all been celebrated as markers of growth, intentionality, and development. That being said, these positive changes have somewhat rendered our former logo less than entirely relevant. Our longtime customers know that we’re still dedicated and focused on FootSteps’ tactical digital marketing efforts to drive traffic through their doors, so the team decided to keep our name. As our markets evolve, and so does the digital landscape, we also voted to move on from the very literal bootprint to a logo element that is at once designed and attainable. 

    Introducing FootSteps Marketing’s brand refresh:


    Over the next few weeks, you’ll see it everywhere: email, social, website and beyond. We’re very proud of it, as it was a team effort, that represents not only our company culture (teamwork, continuity, tactics, community) but also comes with an updated color pallet (we personally find it very joyful) and a fresh font, too! 

    We hope you like it as much as we do and see it as a sign of gratitude for our first decade and fortitude as we move forward into our next decade.

    Happy springtime from your friends at FootSteps Marketing.