Culture Matters at FootSteps Marketing

For us at FootSteps Marketing, company culture is much more than mission statements, origin stories, or other public relations collateral. A company’s culture includes all of the values and beliefs that guide our organization’s actions. Recently, FootSteps Marketing was awarded the Wellness Conscious Business of the Year by our local Chamber of Commerce. While self-nominated, we had stiff competition and we were proud to be in such great company.

The application process and the subsequent article in the local newspaper drove home the point that we at FootSteps Marketing care deeply for our teammates and provide a healthy, inspiring workplace.

We’ve been asked by a handful of other organizations our size, “how did you do it?”

In 2018, we created a Wellness Committee who helped develop and implement some of our wellness programs, which go well beyond fitness. With their guidance and input, leadership at FootSteps crafted policies that are intentional, reflecting the values of our team.

 A few examples: we decided that, in lieu of a traditional holiday-end-of-year party, we volunteered our time supporting a local nonprofit. Before Christmas, we spent 6 hours working for Stepping Stones and then went out for celebratory snacks and drinks afterward. Not only was it less expensive than a traditional holiday party, but it was also a team-building activity that made us consciously feel good.

Similarly, this summer, we spent a whole weekday volunteering for our local Habitat for Humanity. Putting our computers aside, we worked outside all day, helping to build a house for a local family, and it was one of our most meaningful days of the year. 

Another example is our Wellness Reimbursement Program. Every teammate at FootSteps can submit for up to $200 in reimbursements every year. All they have to do is prove that, whatever they purchase, helps them feel better. So far, we’ve had reimbursement requests for everything from acupuncture to running shoes, essential oils to yoga mats. An investment like this supports our teammate’s individuality and overall, makes for a happier team.

We’ve also teamed up with Good Life Wellness Solutions, to offer our team seminars and training opportunities on mental health practices, like at-your-desk meditations, self-compassion practices (which benefit anyone, anywhere, always), financial health lessons, and beyond. 

From our experience, you don’t have to make major investments to feel a major office impact. 

Companies don’t have to invest in a fancy wellness program. If they have the resources to spend, then by all means – do it! But ours is a bit more of a grassroots effort. While we do employ Good Life, the rest of our health and wellness ideas came from our committee, came from input from our team, and while the volunteer days were paid, it was a worthwhile investment. 

Entrepreneur magazine tackled this topic from all the corporate angles. From the international trends to the cost-benefit analysis to productivity and data integration. Again, our efforts are aligned more with our value system than analyzing data, but it is true that “{…} poor employee productivity refers to a scenario where someone is physically present at work, but “not there” mentally. The cause can be multiple factors: lack of sleep, headaches, mental health problems or even financial problems. A survey by the Employee Benefit News magazine said that 31 percent of respondents rated mental illness as the number one reason for loss of productivity.

This is important, because with one in four adults experiencing some type of mental illness, wellness programs have become about more than just physical health. That’s why adding mental illness to overall wellness is now synonymous with physical wellness.” 

At FootSteps Marketing, we believe in the health and wellbeing of our teammates, our families, and our communities. As we continue to develop our process, feel free to reach out to our team to learn more about how our value system shapes our workforce, our client base and our digital marketing services

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