Ask {for donations} Year Round

Nonprofit fundraising rolls through on a pretty typical annual cycle. Aside from raising emergency funds or kicking off a capital campaign, many nonprofits rely on #GivingTuesday and holiday-and-tax-fueled end-of-year giving to generate the bulk of their individual donations. In this traditional cycle, the fundraising beat can sound more like a faint pulse, even though funding needs are year-round. 

We recommend taking small steps towards year-round fundraising. Try these two steps:

Step 1. Give your donors the ability to donate anytime online.

  • First, ensure that your online donation channel is up to date and easy to use.
  • Second, make sure that the online donation form is easy to find and intuitive to use.
  • Finally, get regular! Consistently share the URL that the online donation form lives on with your audience on a regular basis. We recommend adding it to outbound emails, social media channels, etc!

Step 2. Make a mid-year move.

  • Option A: Schedule a fundraiser on a holiday. 
    • What’s sweeter than a Valentine’s Day fundraiser? Or greener than rallying your supporters on St. Patrick’s Day?

Depending on your cause and audience, you can plan your next fundraiser on a holiday and incorporate the theme into your call-to-action. Fundraisers that launch on a holiday can be playful and upbeat and are a great opportunity to raise general funds. 

  • Option B: Utilize the power of awareness {months}.
    • Individual holidays don’t have to be the only source of inspiration for your next fundraiser. Consider the various awareness months that are observed in the U.S. to plan

We know that end-of-year giving is traditionally a great time to ask for donations, but we recommend treating your “asks” like every other aspect of your organization, and to encourage giving year-round. Jumpstart your fundraising from individual donors this year by staying top-of-mind and maybe try adding a non-traditional giving day to your fundraising calendar

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