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    First and foremost, Happy Halloween!  

    We hope you, your families and your communities have a safe and fun evening.

    Avoid scaring your customers off by writing blogs and consistently posting them to your website. Not only will this help your brand stay in good standing with search engines but it will also show your customers that you’re alive and well and interested in their business.

    We at FootSteps Marketing often get the question, “what do you mean by consistent?” Ideally, you’ll put aside the time monthly at least to write a relevant and high-quality blog that delivers information to your customers that is in-line with your brand, your offerings and the seasons.

    You may be wondering why the word “consistency” carries such significance in the field of blogging. For one thing, when you visit a website for the first time, you’re often drawn to the blog page because you want to get to know the brand better. If you find yourself on a page that hasn’t posted in 6 months, or worse!, a year, you’re likely going to think at least one of the following: the company no longer is in business, the company went through a rough patch and hasn’t recovered, the company doesn’t care enough to update their website, the company isn’t interested in helping me outside of generating revenue. What’s more, is that search engines notice when you stop blogging and will negatively impact your search ranking thusly. Not only will you organically lose customers but you’ll be forced lower on Google, Bing and Yahoo, too. 

    SCARY, right? 

    Lucky for you, re-engaging your blog with consistent, relevant content is easy.

    • Step 1: Set aside a few hours this week to write two blogs.
    • Step 2: Post the first one immediately. Add an image or a video that reinforces your message. 
    • Step 3: Schedule the second for a couple weeks later. 
    • Step 4: Schedule another few hours and start over with Step 1. 
    • Step 5: Share your blog posts to your Facebook page. 

    Avoid scaring off your customers with incidental rumors of being down on your luck or out-of-business by using your blog to reinforce your brand with helpful tips and useful ideas. Your customers and your bottom line with thank you.

    Want some help with your blog or website updates? Drop us a line, it’s what we do best!