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    Do you have a few companies that you anxiously await for their email campaigns to appear in your inbox? You are glad to receive them and do not view them as annoyance?

    That is where you want to be in your customers’ mind and inbox.

    As a business, creating excitement about your email campaigns should be one of your top priorities. Targeting customers where they are already engaging with you is a great approach. This could happen in a variety of places – online, social media, or in your store.

    Ask Your Customers To Subscribe To Your Emails

    Email Marketing is a great tool for businesses to use to regularly keep in contact with customers, generate sales, and build relationships. You should be using it to your advantage. Ask your customers if they are subscribed to receive your emails. Mention the benefits of subscribing – sales alerts, new products, coupons, how-to videos, etc. It’s a common practice to chat with your customers about signing up for your email list. You can have your cashiers ask them at the register, place a sign up form on your website, and have a sign up form on Facebook. Sweeten the deal by offering a weekly or monthly raffle or an automatic $5 off coupon to those that provide their emails. 

    Reinforce the Value During Checkout 

    The next step is doing a better job of reinforcing the value of your email campaigns to customers who have already signed up. Make it a priority to build some hype around your email blasts! When you have a customer at the register about to check out, say to them, “We emailed out a 20% off coupon yesterday. Did you receive it?” Whether or not they have it, give it to them anyway, but make it a big deal. “I’d be happy to give it to you this time, but be sure to check your inbox before coming in next time for exclusive offers to save you money!”

    Create Excitement on Social Media

    You can use a very similar approach online. Start by creating posts on Facebook a few days prior to your email campaign going out. Something as simple as: ‘An exclusive offer will be sent to our email subscribers this Thursday! Sign up today if you’re not a member yet, so you don’t miss this great deal!’ Continue posting enticing messages once per day until the email campaign is sent. Be sure to change up the message to keep it exciting for your Facebook fans. This concept reinforces why people should be on your list and gives new customers a great reason to sign up!