Stats to Convert You from Skeptic to Email Stalwart 

Enjoy this little collection of stats that not only prove that email marketing is impactful but it’s still at the top of its game.

Email > Social

Even in the age of social media, emails continue to pull through for marketers.

In fact, you are 6x more likely to get a click-through with an email campaign than a tweet. When bringing in new customers, email is 40x more effective than Twitter or Facebook. For purchases made as a result of a marketing message, email has a 66% conversion rate, which is higher than social media.

Eye to Eye

While personalization is already a huge part of email marketing, but it’s only going to become more involved and advanced. It started with adding the recipient’s name in the subject line and has grown to include dynamic links and branching emails.

Actual open-rate statistics from a re-engagement email campaign FootSteps Marketing managed on behalf of a client, using personalization and mobile-friendly design. 

These personalization techniques prove successful because people are more likely to engage with an email is tailored to them. If the email feels too universal or generic in a full inbox, it’s easy to dismiss and delete. Imagine someone making eye-contact with you versus someone using a megaphone to talk to a crowd you happen to be a part of. For the latter, you wouldn’t hesitate to walk away mid-sentence. But ignoring a one-on-one conversation with eye-contact is much more difficult. Always make eye contact.

This is proven, as personalized emails increase conversions by an average of 10% and click-through rates by an average of 14%. Eighty-two percent of marketers who have used personalization have reported that it has benefited their engagement rates.  

Mobile Madness

Around 53% of all emails are opened on phones and tablets. 1 out of 3 clicks that occurs on an email is made by a mobile user. This means that while more people are opening emails on their phone, people are more likely to interact with those emails on a desktop.

As such, email marketers should focus a lot of their energy on catering toward the mobile phone sensibilities. Take advantage of the fact that you’re getting higher open rates by designing your emails to be more mobile friendly.

In other words, don’t include long paragraphs and use a lot of images. Keep things short and sweet.

Thanks to our partners at Emma Email Marketing for these great statistics. 
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