GDPR Compliance and Best Practices

The GDPR is a new law that requires all websites that collect data (so, all websites) to have a GDPR compliant privacy policy, to gather consent when collecting data and to ensure their third-party vendors are compliant as well. It's a lot to stomach, so, to help you prepare for these changes, FootSteps Marketing is providing you with an FAQ page and steps to get GDPR comply, and a few tips to help you prepare for GDPR.

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Stats to Fuel Your Email Marketing Fire 🔥

Stats to Fuel Your Email Marketing Fire 🔥 thumbnail

Great email marketing begins with understanding what your subscribers want from you, what your business goals are, and strategizing on how to bring those ideas together. We hope that these statistics, provided by our email marketing platform provider, will inspire you to reignite your email marketing plan and utilize our team of experts to help along the way.

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Profile v Page: the Big Difference on Facebook

Profile v Page: the Big Difference on Facebook thumbnail

Pro-tip: scheduling your posts helps your marketing efforts - you can send out a marketing email that matches your social media and before you know it, your message is clear, consistent and intentional. Scheduling two posts each week is plenty to start with. Once you gauge how much interest your fan base has, you can tweak the posts, add more or remain the same. Regardless, being consistent in messaging and timing will result in quality social marketing. 

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The Best Advice We Give Small Businesses: Invest in Yourself

The Best Advice We Give Small Businesses: Invest in Yourself thumbnail

Having a healthy online presence is necessary but for many, it could be a major challenge; it's often expensive, can be difficult to understand if you're not digitally savvy and worse, can feel useless if done incorrectly. All you need is a modest budget, a high functioning website, a brand-consistent social media presence and if you want high-impact, a results-driven plan, Search Marketing is your best bet.

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How Writing a Blog Will Improve Your Search Results

Google and other search engines prefer websites that refresh their content consistently. Additionally, blogs make great social media posts and email marketing campaigns that can link directly back to your website, thus driving up traffic and making those search engines pay even more attention to you.

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