FootSteps Turns 10!

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FootSteps Marketing was founded by Pat Curry in July 2010. Pat has been a prominent businessman and entrepreneur in the valley for 30+ years! Starting out with his first business endeavor in 1983 in Aspen, Pat founded First Resort Software, which was one of the first of its kind. Pat…

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E-Commerce for Small Businesses

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Creating an online platform for your business may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. The world has been trending towards online shopping for years now, but with the recent developments concerning COVID, that trend has since accelerated. It’s important for small businesses to…

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Marketing in the “New Normal”

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We are all in the middle of a very transitional time. Businesses that used to serve in-person, are now having to move their services online and market themselves in ways they never had to before. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by this factor, just know that you are not…

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Empathy in Marketing

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Let’s face it, we’re in a weird time right now. Marketers and businesses (big and small) are having to think of out-of-the-box ways to stand out to their customers and continue to drive sales, while also being mindful and respectful of the emotions surrounding Covid-19. Sounds stressful, but it doesn’t…

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Working From Home? Lucky You! Here Are Tips from Professional Communicators on How To Do It Best.

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With COVID-19 spreading throughout the world, working from home increases social distance and gives you the best chance to avoid contracting the virus as well as doing your part as a community member in lowering the opportunities to spread it, too. Our local and state governments are enforcing that all non-essential businesses (and employees) to stay home to slow the spread of the disease. FSM is happy to comply and beat them to it by transitioning our team to #workfromhome more than two weeks ago. It's a critical time to showcase your awareness of your fortunate situation and remember that your coworkers are in the same boat, not to mention your clients. So, how does FSM, a team of 11 spread across the central mountains of Colorado, make it work? It comes down to three things: overzealous communication, demonstrating productivity, and a sense of humor.

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We’re Here for You Through COVID-19

Things are looking a little different now than they did at the beginning of the month. It seems as if overnight all of our worlds have been turned upside down. We’re suddenly forced to adjust to major change, whether that is within our businesses, our social activities, or our families.

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Digital Marketing in the Era of COVID-19

We are here for you, during this trying time. Conveying information digitally is more important now than ever as social distancing has become a necessity. Learn more about the many ways you can get ahold of your digital marketing team.

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We Love Our Community

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Everyday we wake up and feel so incredibly lucky to live, work, and play in an area we love so much. Community is very important to us. As a matter of fact, it might be the most important thing to us. We’ve come up with 5 benefits and reasons we…

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