5 tips to put your best face(book) forward

5 tips to put your best face(book) forward thumbnail

Follow these 5 tips to ensure your business page branding is consistent, your page is accurate and a few ways to tell your story.  Whether you are a non-profit, a small retailer or a large operation, having a social media presence is a must.

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Treat your email list like your most valuable asset (because it is)

The backbone of any successful email marketing program is your list of subscribers. It’s your most valuable marketing asset because it’s quite literally your core audience – the people you’re trying to reach and ultimately convert who have already shown interest in what you do, say and sell. Treating your email list with respect and care will benefit you in the long run. It is, after all, your most valuable marketing asset. Learn more...

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two search trends to watch and why you should play the voice game

two search trends to watch and why you should play the voice game thumbnail

"Odessa!" Smart gadgets (which go well beyond iPhones and Androids; those are practically old news!) have evolved beyond the hand-held devices to home cooling systems, Alexa and beyond. While these gadgets are clearly on an upward trend, so too should your business plan for accessing those with the smart gadgets with some simple optimization strategies.

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{quality} photos from the hip

{quality} photos from the hip thumbnail

As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. By showcasing your product, your storefront, your featured personnel, your floorplan, etc., you are giving your prospective customers the opportunity to truly get the vibe of your operation. Hiring a professional photographer can be expensive. While we definitely thinks it's worth the investment, we know, too, that smartphones have the capacity to take high-quality photos. Here are some tips to get the most out of your shots from the hip.

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Habitat and the Google Grant

Habitat and the Google Grant thumbnail

Nonprofits Advertise on Google for Free The Google Ads Grant Program offers nonprofits the ability to advertise on Google at no cost. (And by no cost, we mean $10,000 a month in free ad spend.) To be eligible for the program, an organization must be a 501(C)(3)…

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A Day in the Construction Zone (Instead of at the Desk)

A Day in the Construction Zone (Instead of at the Desk) thumbnail

There’s only one thing better than doing a good deed, and that’s getting paid for it. We at FootSteps Marketing are committed to building and maintaining our corporate culture and our mountain community. That being said, we know all too well the ever-increasing cost of living here in the Roaring Fork Valley and have decided to offer our team the chance to actively be a part of building and maintaining both. We took our team to volunteer as a build-crew for our local Habitat for Humanity. Not only will this day out of the office get us out of the office, away from our computers, into our community, but it also provides our team with a chance to see our co-workers and company in a new light.

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