FootSteps Turns 10!

FootSteps Marketing was founded by Pat Curry in July 2010. Pat has been a prominent businessman and entrepreneur in the valley for 30+ years! Starting out with his first business endeavor in 1983 in Aspen, Pat founded First Resort Software, which was one of the first of its kind. Pat then moved on to start Blue Tent Marketing (which is still in business today) with Peter Scott in 2002. After 8 successful years at Blue Tent, Pat sold his share and started FootSteps Marketing right here in Carbondale, CO.

Alongside Pat, FootSteps was founded with four progressively minded ACE Hardware dealers to elevate their marketing efforts beyond what was offered by ACE Corporate. FootSteps has since grown to include almost 200 clients from other retail and non-retail markets – both locally and nationally. Our team has evolved over the years and we are currently a powerhouse of 9 employees including designers, coders, website developers, marketing services experts and a small sales team. As we look forward to our future, we wanted to take a look back at our past and see how far we’ve come in the last ten years. Below are some stories from our founder, Pat, and his time here.

The Force of the Team at FSM

“The best part of my story at FootSteps is the opportunity to work with so many different, creative, and wonderful professionals over the years. As the “senior” member of the company, learning how to view our information era, and the marketing communication tools that accompany it, was an amazing experience. I feel like I have been in a re-education program for a decade. Seeing the business world and the dynamic digital marketing space, through the eyes of our team who have been 10, 20, 30 years younger than me has changed me, changed my views on so many fronts that I sit back and reflect with amazement. I remain very grateful for the continued fresh perspective and constant leaning.”

Being a marketing agency during this incredible time of technology, while exciting, is no easy feat. Our team is constantly learning, growing and adapting to industry trends and guidelines. With new advancements in automation, AI capabilities, Google Search standards, and social media marketing, it’s imperative for us to have products and services that support our clients and keep them ahead of the curve.

As Pat mentioned, the business world has become such a dynamic space, especially in terms of digital marketing. We have grown to provide custom designed website solutions, incredible email marketing services in which we segment groups and produce dynamic, personalized content, and superb SEO services with our long-time partners at WebShine, who offer unparalleled support.

While we still work primarily with ACE dealers and retailers across the nation, we have taken the last couple of years to bring our efforts closer to home. We have been fortunate enough to work with numerous nonprofits and local businesses in our valley. It has been a positive shift for our team and we love working with community members to help tell their stories. This change was started and influenced by Sydney Schalit, former CEO, almost four years ago and continues through to today with our current sales and management team.

Strategic Shift from National to Local! From “Head” to “Heart”

“The most pivotal, and most meaningful, development of the decade of FootSteps was the strategic shift from national basic industries, i.e retail stores to refocusing on our community, our friends, associates and the nonprofit sector. This shift brought about the reformation of the leadership team and resulted in the creation of an almost entirely new team which brought meaning to our work and all were involved, many of whom still are! Under some enlightened leadership and team building, FootSteps became a healthy workplace and brought out new creative energy resulting in a culture of caring: caring about each other, caring about our community! FootSteps now is home to more than 50 Roaring Fork Valley organizations, a large portion of which are in the nonprofit sector. Our team is connected to each other and the quality of the service we provide to all of our clients. Basically, I came to love working with our local friends!”

So, as we continue to work through an ever-changing marketing world, milestones, and challenging times (such as the recent pandemic), we are confident and excited to see what this team does in the next ten years.

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