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At FootSteps Marketing, we take great pride in working with and within our community. Recently, we’ve been asked to present at middle schools and high schools and have very much enjoyed the outreach and the impact.

For our middle school presentations, we worked with 7th and 8th graders on the importance of telling their story via social media, the impacts (both positive and negative that can have on them) and how they interact with others online. Next week, we’ll be presenting at the 5th annual GlenX Career Expo to upwards of 1,800 high school juniors and seniors. 

Most recently, we were approached by Carbondale Community School and asked to participate in a week-long internship for an 8th grader named Aya. Not only was she the quickest learner we’ve ever encountered, she was also gracious enough to share her story from her week on the Marketing Services Team here at FootSteps Marketing. — Sydney Schalit, CEO

Footsteps Marketing graciously offered me the opportunity to intern with them this past week. The entire Carbondale Community School eighth grade class (all fifteen of us)interned at different businesses around the valley; I feel very lucky to have spent the week with the Footsteps crew!


Why Did I choose to intern at Footsteps?

Everyone in the office asked me the same question: What got you interested in online marketing? I didn’t have a succinct answer. The design aspect of things interested me, but I didn’t know much about web design so I thought it would be useful to learn. I also didn’t really know much about the backend of websites, email campaigns etc.  I thought learning more about these things would be a good idea in this day and age where everything is done through our computers.

What I Learned

Each day I came into the office I was greeted by the dogs that lounge around the work area–Saul, Riley, and Juni. After scratching behind their ears for a few minutes, I would get started. I worked with a different member from the team each day. On day one I worked with Taylor, day two with Amy, then Nancy, then Lauren, and Taylor and Nancy helped me on my last day. My mentor for the day would start by giving me an overview of everything she does at the company and then show me the main websites she uses in her job. I would spend the rest of the time working on different tasks. For example, I worked on building and sending email blasts, coming up with templates, and updating websites.

I learned so much in the past week! Each day I learned about everything one person does at Footsteps–and trust me, it’s a lot.

I’ll give you a quick overview on the main things I learned:

  • Using the websites Emma, Megatux, Sublime, Wrike and Ad Manager
  • Building email campaigns
  • Boosting Facebook posts and scheduling Facebook and Instagram Posts
  • Designing templates/other imagery in Photoshop
  • Updating Websites
  • Email Segmenting – basically the data you can collect from your sent emails
  • Website Design basics
  • Pathfinder SEO – search engine optimization

What was my favorite part of this internship? That’s a tough question.  I’ve been introduced to so many new aspects of online marketing that it’s hard to pick out my favorite. I have truly enjoyed almost everything I have done.  If I had to choose, I’d say I really liked learning about Amy’s job. Basically, she talks with clients about their requests for email campaigns or other work and then organizes what everyone in the office needs to do. She showed me how to update websites and had me work on several of them. It might sound kind of boring but I really enjoyed working on the websites!  

Updating Websites!

What a Week!

I chose a great place to intern!  Everyone at Footsteps is super friendly and they shared their knowledge freely.  Since I was learning so many new skills, I felt that I was often slow or clunky in my approach, but each person I worked with was very patient and explained the tasks clearly.  I definitely did not know what I was doing at first, but everyone seemed happy to show me the ropes. Given my lack of experience, I don’t know if I was the most helpful intern, but I learned a ton and had lots of fun doing so!

Interning at Footsteps Marketing was a very satisfying experience for me. I could not have chosen a better company at which to spend a week. After being part of the team and in the office, I can clearly see that Footsteps is a company that values both their clients and their employees. They want to offer the best service possible to clients–everyone really cares about what they do. The working environment is casual and supportive.  Being in an office with people who are friendly and helpful and where employees are encouraged to take breaks and get outside and where adorable dogs provide a nice distraction once in a while, how could you not want to go to work!? I am grateful I had the chance to intern in a place where I felt comfortable, I was able to do and learn a lot, and had mentors who dedicated their time to help me understand a bit of their business–I could not have asked for anything more. Thank you for a great week Footsteps!


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