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    Ride the excitement around the New Year, the fresh start, the rejuvenation, and focus some energy on your business’ marketing plan. If you’re like most small business owners, the concept of an executable marketing plan is as lofty as understanding tax codes, but it doesn’t have to be. 

    Follow this simple outline, provided by your friends in the Marketing Services department:

    • 12 months・24 topics: simply lay out a calendar and make an educated guess what items sell best each month and which ones flail, you can set yourself up to make a big difference in your bottom line in 2018

    Once you have your best and worst selling item, dedicate an email campaign and at least two social media posts each month to the best-performing products or services and the worst performing, that results in two email campaigns each month highlighting no-brainer purchases and possibly up-sale opportunities. Sure, Christmas lights might seem like an odd August sale item, but not if you’re like so many out there who enjoy the twinkle lights year round. Pair those with your best selling outdoor gear in August and you’ve got yourself a campaign!

    • Quarterly Website Updates: improve your search rankings and website engagement with by staying seasonal at best.

    If you can muster the strength to lay out a calendar, you can handle scheduling out website updates seasonally or quarterly, too. We highly recommend updating the content on your website (images, graphics or text) at least every three months. Not only does it keep your website fresh for your loyal customers, but it also engages new ones by positively influencing your Google ratings. 

    • Form a Strategy that Matches Your Mantra: once you’ve laid out your calendar, evaluate your business objectives and make sure they are in-line with your plan.

    Creating a marketing strategy should always begin with evaluating your business objectives and your company’s mantra. Any campaigns you develop in the coming year must tie back to the objectives you decide upon now as they tie your goals to your team to your success.

    Without specific goals in mind, your 2018 marketing attempts will be unfocused and scattered. This is a crucial step that many businesses either glaze over or don’t take the time to sit down and focus their team.

    Want some help in developing your strategy? Want someone to just do it for you? Drop us a line; we’re happy to help.