Ok, it is 2019. Now what?

A new year, with the exciting promise of new things and fresh starts… well, at least until February and the glitter wears off. 

Resolutions are great, at first, and then you let them slip and suddenly you’re back at square one. Instead of making all your resolutions happen (and likely fail) in January, why not make a plan to make positive adjustments throughout the year? For your business, we recommend planning to tackle these three goals:

1. Focus on your most powerful marketing channels

There are a plethora of organic and paid online channels that you can use to promote your small business. Using all the channels could be a big waste of time and effort. If you try doing everything, you end up getting nothing.

Take a look at the different channels and types of campaigns that worked for you in 2018.

For us, Instagram had far better reach and more engagement than Facebook and therefore, we’re going to add more energy to our Instagram campaigns. While we’ll continue to nurse along our Facebook page, we won’t be devastated when engagement is low. We are firm believers in doing what’s best for your company and some channels simply don’t fit. 

Experimenting is how even the most experienced marketers learn. But the bread and butter is picking the most successful campaign types. Your newfound laser-focus reduces the learning curve and rewards you more consistently.

2. Build customer relationships through email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies to stay in touch with expected customers. As it turns out, email marketing is much more popular than you thought. 83% of people prefer email as one of the channels to receive promotions from brands they trust. 

To collect email addresses of your potential customers you can use website popups and contact forms. You can offer giveaways and free trials to get your audience to share their contact details. Once you’ve got your list started, treat it with respect and due diligence, it could prove to be your greatest marketing asset. 

3. Plan your professional development, starting with our free webinars

Join us Tuesday, January 15, at 10am MST, for the first free webinar in our series for 2019. In less than 30-minutes, we’ll share concrete ideas to update your web presenece, including email marketing efforts, social media strategy and website content.



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