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    It’s the busiest time of year for America’s retailers and while online shopping is convenient, we at FootSteps Marketing truly believe in the power of your brick and mortar storefront. We’ve compiled some sweet tips that, in coordination with your digital marketing efforts, will help drive footsteps through your doors. 

    1. Offer free gift wrap! It can be fundamental to your small business success during the holiday shopping season.  Not only will it allow your customers to bond with your staff, but it’s a great opportunity for you to brand yourselves as customer service centric with time-savings in mind.

    2. Kick-off the holiday season with snacks and treats! Making your customers feel welcome and supported once they’ve arrived at your business can make a big impact on their decision to buy. Compound that by offering discounts during certain hours, not just certain days, can make them feel special and you control the flow of customers. 

    3. Double down on sharing. There is no easier way to get the word out to your target audience than through the power of social media. This is a great way to spread seasons greetings, connect and promote your brand to consumers, and get the word out about deals and sales exclusive to the holidays. From there, shoppers can share these promotions with friends and followers, creating a positive buzz surrounding your brand.

    4. Remind your customers about specials, deals, and discounts on items they’ve shown interest in by sending simple yet personalized emails. Segmenting between your markets will make a huge impact on your email marketing ROI.  The message should contain a sense of gratitude for their loyalty, a sense of limitation (first come first serve! limited quantity!), and a special price reduction. Use your email list to gently remind them of the importance of shopping locally. 

    If you’d like some help in getting your marketing efforts dialed during the holidays, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Marketing Services team – we’re here for you!

    We wish you and yours a happy, successful and fun holiday season.