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    Seasonal content is content that you create in the light of specific events, holidays and other seasonal occurrences that make things more special. However, even though this definition may seem simple enough, it’s not just about tweaking your regular content around a specific holiday just to make more holiday-inspired sales.

    Actually, when it comes to true benefits of seasonal content, it’s essential that you tone down your sale pitches a bit — and in some cases completely. Also, make sure that the content you’ll be publishing for the specific event still has everything to do with your company and industry. (For tips on blogs, check out this one!)

    This May, lean into the natural seasonal changes outside and engage in some spring cleaning! But don’t worry – we’re not talking about dusting off your outdoor furniture and putting away your holiday decorations (but, seriously, do that too); we’re talking about engaging seasonal branding to update and refresh your website, social and email marketing.

    Obviously, the most popular holidays such as Christmas and 4th of July make for an excellent idea generator when it comes to seasonal content. However, these are not the only holidays you want to be looking at. Of course, you have true seasonal weather changes, and you can perhaps make this work for you (join us for our May Webinar for seasonal update ideas). Still, don’t be afraid to dig deeper. For those of you who’re not aware of these, here’s a list of amazingly interesting holidays that you can make the most out of depending on your particular business and industry.

    Seasonal updates vary greatly, depending on your industry and can be really simple:.

    • Seasonal images incorporated on your website and email campaigns

    • Website or promotional material copy that evokes the feeling of the season

    Being consistent with website updates, even once every two or three months over the year, will have a positive impact on your SEO and keep your audience feeling engaged. 

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