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Email analytics help you understand who’s getting your emails so you can more effectively market your business.

Effective email marketing services prompt an action from your customers–they’ll open the email and read about what you’re selling. Email campaigns should be simple, to the point, and not take too much time to load. They can be image-centric as long as those images are pointed, relevant, and provide a realistic guide to your client about what they can expect in your brick-and-mortar store. You’ve worked hard collecting your customers’ email addresses; let FootSteps put that work to good use!

We create beautiful custom email templates that display well on multiple browsers. We track emails. We craft campaigns to have valuable, relevant content that is sent to your customer list consistently, helping to remind customers about your area of expertise.

Through experience and keeping up with the industry’s best practices, we have learned what makes email marketing services work. When we devise email campaigns for you, you are getting the collective knowledge of a company that specializes in online marketing.

You’re great at what you do–interacting with your customers when they walk in the door. On your behalf, let us do what we’re great at–drawing customers to your door via strategic email campaigns.

FootSteps email marketing services include:

  • Professionally designed email campaign template
  • Social media links in your email template to encourage customers to become your fans
  • Easy-to-use email campaign management tools (client training is included)
  • Email list management and segmentation
  • Email campaign performance & tracking

Depending on the email marketing service level you choose, this service can include one or more email campaigns per month sent to between 5,000 and 20,000 recipients.

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