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Have a website? Great. Now what? 

 Now deploy Search Marketing.

Our search marketing programs are designed to improve your business’s visibility in Google and other leading search engines, along with popular local directories like Yelp. Search marketing targets the geographic area of your business with services and products you specialize in; plus, generates interest in unique aspects of your business (for example family-owned, locally owned, handcrafted, etc).

We customize each project to the client’s needs and our professional analysis and recommendations. By utilizing specific combinations of SEO tactics, we position you as a leader in your industry online, driving footsteps to your doors.

Our search marketing tactics include thorough keyword research, on-page optimization, technical SEO that enable search engine crawlers to better find, index and prioritize your content, etc. We also offer custom content creation and marketing as a long-term SEO strategy and, of course, off-site SEO. Our services and pricing structure focus on quality over quantity, in everything from link building campaigns to personal relationships to building an effective online presence.  FSM’s search marketing packages are available as an add-on to any tier of a FootSteps Marketing website and are sold per store location.

 Customized search engine marketing solutions align business goals with an online presence, using geo-tactical measures,

ever-evolving online metrics and a consistent look toward the future.

Want to understand SEM better?

We are happy to offer FREE monthly webinars throughout 2018 to help our clients continuing education and understanding of the heady world of search marketing.

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