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Does your store sell bows, arrows, and other archery supplies? Our Facebook On Target service is designed to help YOU succeed in engaging with new and existing customers on Facebook to help you sell more bows, arrows and accessories.

What’s Included in Facebook On Target Service?

  • Professional design for your business Facebook page that accurately represents your retail store’s brand to your customers.
  • One 30-minute next practices training session to make sure you’re familiar with Facebook’s latest tools and using them to best market your business.
  • Setup and ongoing management of “Closed Circuit Fan Groups” that will focus on buying/selling/trading of bows and other archery items for your store(s).
  • Ongoing market research for your area to locate and advertise on your behalf to target groups with the most members and activity.
  • Ongoing management of up-to-date postings of your store’s sales ads, specials, events, etc. delivered to your store’s group page and to other targeted groups.
  • Regular monitoring and timely response to activity. We will reflect your business in the most positive, professional, and knowledgeable light in all communications.