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    Clean the dust off your email list and reap the rewards. 

    By the way, we are well aware that every digital marketing blog has a “spring cleaning” post. For one thing, it’s a timely way to compile tons of tips in a single place, and all those cleaning terms just lend themselves so handily to email marketing! Scrubbing! Refreshing! Segmentation(?)!

    Still, the comparison can get a little worn-out. We understand. However, the truth behind the sentiment is impactful. 

    Your subscribers will never be more engaged than the moment they join your list. Maybe they just learned about your brand, or they’re fired up about whatever special you offered in exchange for their subscription, or maybe they just had a great interaction with one of your savvy staff. You’ve got their attention, in a great way, and in an ideal world, your emails will continue to provide so much value that they’d always open everything you send. 

    Unfortunately, not every subscriber will stay engaged. For one reason or another, they might stop engaging with your emails. Don’t take it personally but be sure to personally re-attract them (or disregard them) with a re-engagement campaign. 

    A study by Return Path found that 45% of recipients who received win-back emails read subsequent messages. And if they don’t, that’s perfectly fine. You’ll have a cleaner list, more reliable data, and an unsubscribe is always preferable to someone sending you to the spam folder and hurting your sender reputation. 

    #DidYouKnow it costs five times as much to attract a customer as it takes to keep an existing one? That’s exactly why we encourage you to focus on re-engaging your email contact list! By increasing active email contacts and customers, you’ll see a direct correlation to higher revenue. 

    After all, building a successful email campaign means nothing if you don’t have an engaged email list. Learn more about our proven tactics for successful re-engagement campaigns and email marketing best practices by emailing our team, we’re here to help you make the most of your email subscribers!