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    Just like your home, your website suffers from winter idleness and what better time to do an overhaul than now?

    Follow these 3 tips and get your website ready for spring and prepare for summer!

    1. Tidy up {your broken links}

    Links from other pages (like your business Facebook page or your latest email marketing efforts) make your pages more informative, useful and complete for the user and for the search engines. Including external links to your content is an essential part of your SEO strategy. Just like anything else in life, the web changes, constantly which can make your links stop working.

    While at first, a broken link might not seem like such a huge deal, once you go deeper into their nature you’ll be just as convinced in their malevolence. That can affect your user experience in numerous ways. Moreover, Google specifically mentioned as one of their Webmaster Guidelines the following: “Ensure that all links go to live web pages”. Fixing those errors should become a part of your weekly web chores but in case you’ve skipped a whole season, it’s surely time for spring cleaning them.

    To do so you’ll need to divide the process into two stages:

    1. Identifying broken links.

    Manual checks are possible but are mainly compatible with small websites where you can run Chrome’s Check My Links extension. For larger websites, we recommend a more professional approach is worth the small investment. Professionals can check your website’s health and make sure all of the links are up and working.

    2. Fixing broken links.

    The approach here is completely dependant on the individual broken link and its fate is up to your decision. If the content of the link is gone for good (like an old sale or special) there are a couple of strategies you can apply. First, by understanding the context try to identify the missing piece. Then, evaluate the importance of the link. Finally, either delete it or replace it with a working one.

    2. Check your media

    A picture is worth a thousand words. But what if that picture is missing? Or is out of date? Or inaccurately represents your business? Links are not the only thing that could be broken. Images, videos, and other media could also be not working. While it’s highly unusual for images to simply go missing, it’s a good idea to perform regular checks on your media just to ensure that everything is working.

    Take a look at your content and identify wrong, outdated, or simply broken images you can replace. That can also refresh your whole look and add a new life to a dull website. Which leads to the next point- your design.

    3. Freshen up {your design}

    As a website owner, you know better than anyone else how fast digital trends change. What seemed cutting-edge innovative a few months ago, or worse a few years ago, could look boring and outdated today and effectively misrepresent your brand. That’s why keeping up with the web design trends could allow you to maintain your website forever young.

    While we’re not advocating for a full website overhaul annually, incorporating small features that catch your eye every year or so can make a big difference. An easy one to implement is large imagery. A slightly more technical one could be the use of animation. If you include a few motion elements into your design, your users will appreciate and embrace and search engines will too. 

    Some of the easiest ways to freshen your design without actually taking on a whole new site could be updating fonts, colors, shapes, images, etc.

    If this feels like too much, feel free to contact us – we’re here to help.

    Otherwise, happy spring cleaning!