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    Great email marketing begins with understanding what your subscribers want from you, what your business goals are, and strategizing on how to bring those ideas together. We hope that these statistics, provided by our email marketing platform provider, will inspire you to reignite your email marketing plan and utilize our team of experts to help along the way.

    A) It costs 5x as much to attract a new customer as it takes to keep an existing one. 
    B) Increasing customer retention rates by just 5% increase profit by 25-95%. 

    If those numbers don’t fuel your email marketing fire, we don’t know what will.

    While it obviously pays off to have great sign-up forms, engagement campaigns, and data collection tools, these statistics demonstrate that maintaining a good relationship with your customers via valuable email marketing will benefit your bottom line far more than the acquisition of new emails. 

    So how do we, proactively and without overthinking it, focus on both acquisition and retention?

    Here are a few tips: 

    1. Making the connection: remember with every email you send, that your customers signed up and gave you their data for a reason. What was that reason? Deals and specials? Education and ideas? Stories and updates? All of the above? Regardless, try to focus on connecting your customer to your campaign every time.
      1. Bonus tip! Make your email sign-up forms as easy to fill out as possible. Request only their email + first name, you can always get more info later.
    2. Be welcoming: set up an auto-send “Welcome Email.” Be sure they know, right away, that you mean business and you value their time and contact info.
    3. Provide value: let your customers know you take this digital marketing stuff seriously by setting up point-of-sale triggered “thank you emails”, ask them for their birth date so that you can give them a special deal on their special day, or go above and beyond and set up feedback survey
      1. Bonus stats! 
        1. a birthday email has 481% better transaction rate than a typical promotional email
        2. a birthday email can drive 342% more revenue per email than typical promotional emails
        3. a birthday email will create 179% more unique click rates than typical promotional emails
    4. Stop selling, start helping: your customers signed up to get emails from you, sure, but that doesn’t mean you should only try to drive revenue and sales. Take advantage of the moment and educate your customers. Offer pro-tips or industry information that pertains to them. Helpful emails will further elevate you to expert status and keep your brand top of mind.
      1. Bonus tip: For every three emails that ask the customer to buy, send one that asks the customer to engage with you.

    Want more tips about Email Marketing and engaging your customers? Drop us a line, we’re here to help!