A Summer of Showcaseable Websites

We’ve had the most fun this summer, working on an array of projects we have passion for and we’re glad you’re here to check them out!

Inside Out

Working with a highly skilled interior designer and artist like Anne would have been intimidating if she and her team weren’t so lovely to work with! This summer, we had the pleasure of building a stunning new, mobile-friendly website for Anne Grice Interiors and honestly couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

The navigation was customized by the design team so that customers and prospects would have a truly intuitive, user-friendly experience and have quick and easy access to exactly what aspect they are seeking. Using analytics to help our design process, we not only made the site mobile-friendly but actually designed with mobile users in mind. Finally, because of the nature of the projects, we were able to showcase spectacular interiors using images captured by the Anne Grice Interiors team. 

If you’re looking for interior inspiration, find it and more information at Anne Grice Interiors.

Proud Moments

It was truly our pleasure to help Response, a community organization whose mission is to end domestic and sexual abuse and to support survivors in achieving safety and empowerment. 
We were tasked with developing some extra special aspects for this project. For one, the client requested an “Escape This Site” button; it needed to be readily available on every page, regardless of where on the page the viewer was, it needed to allow viewers the ability to, in one-click, quit the page, delete the search history and redirect to another ambivalent website, in case the perpetrator walked in while Response’s site was in use. This was no easy task but, because of the nature of the client and the passion we have for supporting organizations like Response, our Development team tackled it with gusto! 
In addition, we designed the site to support volunteers, staff, and Board of Directors with login-only access to ongoing-education, calendars and other pertinent materials that support them and their mission. 
Finally, we’re so proud to have created a truly beautiful website with exceptional functionality, all in an effort to support Response, local victims of domestic abuse and an ongoing effort for rehabilitation and community support.

Please check it out and see how you can support their efforts. 

Bright Lights in the Spotlight

We had the best time revamping the website for our long-time client, NiteGuardFamily owned and operated, they specialize in creating humane and effective predator deterrent lights to protect your home, your husbandry efforts and your property from nighttime predators.
One of our favorite aspects of this project was helping NiteGuard to clarify the types of animals their technology defends against and, based on a particular predator and pest, which product will work the best. 
Solar-powered, humane and effective, NiteGuard’s unique product line works from dusk to dawn, with no effort required on the consumer’s part, the lights will flash, frightening off lurking, nocturnal hunters, pests and predators. 
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