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Positive Impacts on our Community Have a Positive Impact on our Office Culture

Super Hero!

This summer, you might find that FootSteps Marketing’s offices are closed on dates other than national holidays… on those days, you won’t find our team at desks or in meetings. You’ll find us all volunteering in our community. For the past few years, our volunteer days, which always land on weekdays, not weekends!, have become an essential part of our corporate social responsibility strategy. 

As a small-but-mighty marketing firm, we know that businesses like ours hold the keys and the resources to solving many of our community’s most pressing problems. Corporate social responsibility programs, like ours, include encouraging and supporting community involvement (our Founder sits on the board of English In Action, our CEO is a mentor through the Buddy Program and sits on a cabinet for Mountain Family Health Centers, our Marketing Manager volunteers regularly with C.A.R.E.,), charitable giving (FSM donates every year to Habitat for Humanity Roaring Fork Valley and recently had the honor of sponsoring a fundraising event for Response), volunteering, and sustainability initiatives are all ways in which we have begun to address societal issues.

Volunteer Group

Every year, we take two business days to volunteer in our community. We dedicate one of those days to working with our local Habitat for Humanity to build homes in our community. Getting our team involved is as easy as making coffee and we look forward to taking a day every 6 months or so to spend in the community, having a positive impact and building our team’s camaraderie and spirit.

Successful volunteer programs comprise many elements – a strong tie-in to established corporate values, management commitment, and adequate resources, to name a few. Even the best programs, however, can be undermined by common problems: too much administrative overhead, lack of employee engagement, and difficulty demonstrating return on investment. We avoid those issues by engaging our Wellness Committee to find volunteer opportunities and take team-wide polls to see just how our team wants to spend their volunteer days. We know collaboration does not accidentally improve or occur – collaboration improves when people trust others more, and volunteer opportunities are a great way to strengthen trust. By putting aside 192 workday hours (two business days per each teammate) dedicated to building community and coworker collaboration, FootSteps Marketing has a positive impact on our community on our office culture, too. 

Habitat Silt Volunteer Day 2018

This summer, our team is volunteering at an elementary school fun run aimed at supporting mental health awareness, access, and understanding and at the Basalt Vista Habitat for Humanity project that is aiming to help house our community’s greatest resource: it’s teachers! This June when you get an unexpected “Out of Office” response to an email, know that we’re out working hard in a different way, impacting our community and our mindset, so that we can offer you the best of our selves. 


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