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    Often times, small business owners will ask: what’s the most important thing I can do for my business today? The answer is always: invest in yourself.

    For some, that might mean buy more equipment or hire another person, something that will make everyone’s day to day work-life easier. For most, though, it can and should mean improve your online presence. It’s one of the most effective ways to track your output, ensure a successful ROI and continue to grow as our economy and society evolve.

    Having a healthy online presence is necessary but for many, it could be a major challenge; it’s often expensive, can be difficult to understand if you’re not digitally savvy and worse, can feel useless if done incorrectly. All you need is a modest budget, a high functioning website, a brand-consistent social media presence and if you want high-impact, a results-driven plan, Search Marketing is your best bet.

    Although SEO often conjures up images of people crouched over computers, working hard on algorithms and keywords, there are actually some really simple ways you can impact your online search friendliness without investing hundreds in a science you likely don’t understand. 
    Think about the last time you had to settle an argument about the name of that burger restaurant. Or the last time you needed gas on a road trip and didn’t know the location of the nearest gas station. Maybe even looked up a product you’re interested in carrying in your shop. It’s easy to assume that you did that search on your smartphone. More than 80% of online searches are done from mobile devices and 1 in 3 online searches are done to find a location nearby. This begs the question when someone searches for a product you carry, a service you provide or the information you know, is your shop easily found? 
    Local Search, a type of Search Engine Marketing gives you the control you need to be found online. Local Search drops a pin on the map for your business much like purchasing a Yellow Pages listing. The more accurately and broadly distributed your business’s name, address and phone number, the more trust the search engines have in delivering your business as the #1 service in a given geographic area.  Check out our series of free webinars.



    No matter how you invest in your business, we at FootSteps Marketing encourage you to do it!  Whether that means expanding your square footage or building your social media presence, investing time and finances will always support your goals. 

    Search Marketing, SEO, Local Search, AdWords, all of these are powerful tactics that will improve your online presence quickly and effectively.

    Simply put: Search Marketing is the most profitable way to scale a website over the long-term. But it takes time and it requires a little patience.

    When you don’t have much of either, email us – we’re here to help.