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    Websites, Facebook Pages, Google My Business, Shopify…. the list goes on and one, but, as it turns out, you can’t have just one. Just like you can’t run a business with just one person or by selling just one thing, you can’t have a successful online presence with just one platform. 
    In the world of digital marketing, we recommend every small business have a Facebook Business Page in addition to a quality Website. It turns out – they work quite nicely in tandem.
    • If you have just one, you’re likely missing out on a huge number of prospective customers and fans.
    • If you have just one, you don’t have full control of your company’s online destiny.

    But, if you have both a website and a Facebook page, and handle them both professionally, you’ll maximize your financial investment with minimal effort. These two platforms will support and enhance any other online presence attempts you make, too. 

    When you utilize more than one platform, it is important to be sure your branding is consistent throughout.

    Sure, both platforms have limitations; for one thing, when you use Facebook, you (sometimes without explicit knowledge) adhere to their guidelines and restrictions, which are constantly being updated and can be hard to fully understand if you’re not digitally savvy. Additionally, Facebook prefers activity, making it critical to create and execute an engagement strategy. It’s also true that Facebook is one of the easiest and most effective outbound marketing tools on the market – especially since its free, until you advertise or boost, and primarily image-based. Similarly, its true that having a website has its limitations, too. It can be expensive. It can be time-consuming. But, it is the basis for your company’s success is the 21st century.
    Using the two in tandem, however, doubles your likelihood of success and discounts no one!

    For more information or to discuss how we can help you hone in your online marketing efforts, drop us a line: it’s what we do!