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    Smart gadgets (which go well beyond iPhones and Androids; those are practically old news!) have evolved beyond the hand-held devices to home cooling systems, Alexa, roboVacs, Google Assistant, PetChatz and beyond. While these gadgets are clearly on an upward trend, so too should your business plan for accessing those with the smart gadgets with some simple optimization strategies. Optimizing your website with mobile devices in mind is crucial, especially for a small business, and we want to keep you on trend in the world of digital marketing. 

     Voice Search

    In 2018, Google predicts that at least 20% of mobile search queries will come from voice searches (think: “Hello, Siri” or “Hey, Alexa!”). 

    This figure is forecasted to increase as the market for smart gadgets with AI capabilities (Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.) continues to grow in popularity and user-friendliness. Small businesses, like yours, should optimize keywords to account for voice searches. Typically, these queries are in the form of a question or have geographical significance. For example, a query could be “lunch restaurants near me” or “what are Ace’s store hours”. Focusing on conversational syntax and long-tail keywords are critical for your website to get found in this modern trend. Similarly, appearing in Google’s local pack is also important for small businesses as voice searches are leaning towards local websites.

    Local SEO

    Probably the most important trend small businesses can capitalize on is local SEO. Luckily, Google has been showing local results for broad queries with large volumes, which spells good news for your business.

    Therefore, having a Google My Business profile is essential for local SEO as it enables you to appear in these results. Another on-page optimization strategy (keeping voice searches in mind) is having your store hours, directions, and a phone number listed on your website.

    Although there are no current algorithm changes specific to voice search, it’s still important to optimize for it, especially as a small business with categories some folks will search for audibly and others from a desktop. Because more and more people are using this function to find information about local businesses, making adjustments to your SEO that will work with text and voice search will help your website rank higher on search engines as it gets located more often.