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    It happens to the best of us: you collect email addresses through your website, you add them to your email marketing platform, you start to build an email campaign, then the dog needs a walk, the front desk clerk needs a break, the plumbing breaks, there is a missing shipment you need to deal with, your kid calls from the nurses office, your mother in law visits unexpectedly, the mailman wants to get chummy… the list of possibilities is endless. And we get it! While maintaining a warm and active email list should be a priority, frankly, life happens and it fell to the wayside, consequentially becoming a cold list. 

    Some things to remember when preparing to hit send, again:

    • The longer it’s been since the last time your list heard from you, the more careful you need to be to avoid mass unsubscribes and worse, getting tagged as spam.
    • Try to see this from your list’s perspective and as an opportunity to reconnect with people who, at one point or another, expressed interest in what you had to offer. (Remember, they are your most valuable asset!)
    • Make sure the email comes from you, not your machine or your company, YOU. Personalization, both from the writer and to the recipient, will come across as genuine rather than sales-y.
    • Do not offer anything: Do not offer a free trial, or an exclusive coupon or a new offer. Nada. Zilch. Just be authentic and reconnect. The purpose of this email is to re-establish a positive relationship with each subscriber.

    • Give them something of value: a tip, a thoughtful nudge towards your blog, your great aunt’s cookie recipe. Anything meaningful and free, with no strings attached. 

    • Invite them to interact with you in other ways, too, by linking your social media accounts or quick access to your calendar of events. 
    • Always, always, be transparent with your understanding that they might wish to unsubscribe. Make it painless for them and quick for your team to adjust. While you want to make it easy to unsubscribe, you want to make it that much easier to re-engage with your email marketing.

    We at FootSteps Marketing recently found a list of email contacts who had somehow been left in limbo and were therefore not contacted for about 6 months (d’oh!).

    So we sent out a warm-up email to that list and were very happy with the results. 

    Just because you all but abandoned your email contacts doesn’t mean you should give up on email marketing nor does it mean you should hit send too quickly.

    You don’t want to toss an ice cube into the fire. You want to warm it back up, gratefully and gradually. By sending a warmup email to your cold contact list, you will ensure that your messaging is reaching the right people. 

    To get professional support and input into how and why you should send a warmup email campaign, drop us a line. We’re happy to help.