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Mountain Valley Developmental Services provides persons with developmental disabilities, and their families, support that will promote skill acquisition, independence, and inclusion within the community. FootSteps has the privilege to support its efforts through ongoing, monthly marketing services, like informative and engaging email marketing campaigns, blog posts and SEO efforts. 

Every holiday season, we select a local non-profit and dedicate an entire wok day as a team to volunteering. This winter, we spent one of our two company volunteer days working in the Mountain Valley of Glenwood Springs’ main hall. A grand room used to facilitate projects, reading areas and access to the outdoors.

As you can see, the colors were significant: lime green, bright blue, and tangerine. While those colors all inspire happiness, collected into one room, they were distracting and, even though they were bright, there was so much surface area saturated, they actually made this big beautiful room rather dark and intense. While surely selected for all the right reasons nearly a decade ago, they had aged poorly and Mountain Valley’s team was looking to revamp the room.

That being said, because Mountain Valley is a non-profit, a painting project was often moved to the bottom of any budget meeting, for practical reasons. So, when we let Mountain Valley know that we had selected their organization as this year’s recipient of FootStep Marketing’s company volunteer day, it was the first thing on their list and we were so happy to oblige.

The aesthetic appeal to a clean, white wall (which can often be found as the backdrop to our websites and email templates) is one thing; the emotional balance of being surrounded with white walls is entirely another.

William N. Bernstein, president of the Behavioral Healthcare Architecture Group, says the environment should be harmonious without being jarring, avoiding colors that could excite or upset patients. “The color shouldn’t really jump out,” he says. “It should create a feeling of light, happiness, and beauty in the space. No individual colors should be too strong.” We were so excited to help in the limited way we could, by providing a warm, therapeutic environment that is clearly and intentionally selected to inspire calm and warmth. 

It was our absolute pleasure to work with Mountain Valley’s facilities manager, Mark, on updating and improving the main hall in Glenwood Springs. He did an excellent job in color choice and texture. We were lucky to have been able to help in such a meaningful yet subtle way.

Thank you, Mountain Valley Developmental Services, for providing the entire Western Slope of Colorado essential services with compassion and intention. It is our honor to support your efforts through email marketing and it was a great pleasure to do tangible work for you this holiday season.MtnValley.org Home Page

If you’re interested in learning more about the many ways Mountain Valley impacts our community, and to support them or their retail locations, please check out MountainValley.org or visit Art on 8th or the Mountain Valley Greenhouse. All three locations are open year-round, offer employment and vocational opportunities to clients of Mountain Valley as well as beautiful items for purchase. 

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