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We’re so excited to have designed, built and launched Curious about why?

Vail Honeywagon is locally owned and operated, specializing in the removal and disposal of discarded materials.

Waste diversion, or landfill diversion, includes composting and recycling, and is a critical component to living responsibly in the Rocky Mountains. Waste diversion, or the act of thoughtfully diverting compostable or recyclable waste away from a landfill or burn-site and into a reusable substance. While some things truly are trash, compostable organic materials (food waste, yard scraps, etc) can be made into nutrient-rich mulch and reused in gardens and landscaping, while recyclable materials can be made into new products. 

Offering environmentally sustainable solutions including trash, recycling and compost collection services for residents, businesses, contractors working on construction sites, and special events.

So, why, when everyone needs residential and commercial trash removal, might a waste and recycling company invest in custom designed websites? For one thing, there is stiff competition out there! Being first in online search results, and with easy to access customer service support, is a critical piece of the puzzle. Additionally, because of the many positive impacts that a highly developed waste diversion plan can have on a community, on the environment, and on neighborhoods, designing a website that showcases the uniqueness of the company was a thrill for our team. Finally, Mountain Waste & Recycling, and Vail Honeywagon understand the importance of public relations and communication. Rarely is there a more succinct way to deliver thorough information than via a website that is mapped out and designed with the end-user in mind. 

A modern, high-functioning website can and does have a positive impact on the workforce involved, in the communities who participate and the environment at large. We’re grateful for the opportunity to take Vail Honeywagon from the past into the future!

Mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, quick communication, modern design.

We are proud to support the efforts of Vail Honeywagon and Mountain Waste & Recycling combat the EPA’s averages: over 20% of our country’s landfills consist of food we throw away.

We are proud to support the efforts of Vail Honeywagon and Mountain Waste & Recycling as they work to help local communities beat the (waste management) odds. According to the EPA, over 20% of our country’s landfills consist of food we throw away. The compost created from the diverted organic waste is a nutrient-rich soil that can be used to garden, in landscaping and beyond. Diverting food waste is important because it turns something usually considered waste into a resource, which also decreases the number of emissions from landfills.

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