Posted March 30, 2020 By Taylor Rogers

We’re Here for You Through COVID-19

Things are looking a little different now than they did at the beginning of the month. It seems as if overnight all of our worlds have been turned upside down. We’re suddenly forced to adjust to major change, whether that is within our businesses, our social activities, or our families. For our friends and clients near and far, who had to think on their feet in order to keep business flowing, do their best to avoid major devastation and to continue serving their respective communities. Many of our small business retailers are now offering curbside pickup and delivery, virtual shopping experiences, and adjusting to the work from home lifestyle.

Through all of this change, we continue to see just how powerful digital marketing can be for businesses and nonprofits. People are turning to their favorite companies’ websites, social accounts, and email campaigns to find out information regarding hours, menu changes, day-to-day adjustments and how best to provide support. That’s where our expertise comes into play! Our team, especially over the past 10 days, has worked tirelessly to provide fast, effective support to our clients, even while we all work from home.

A great example of nimble-thinking in a time of crisis: 

One of our longtime clients and friends just down the road at Habitat for Humanity Roaring Fork swiftly created an innovative virtual shopping experience for their customers (you should click on the link to check it out!). This virtual experience allows people to continue to shop the ReStore showroom from the comfort of their homes and allowed the ReStore to continue their work of providing homes for our community. This nimble change, however, required a thorough website redesign to reflect this new service – we were happy to help. Within a couple of days, we transformed their homepage to provide the information customers would need to know regarding the recent closure and exactly how the ReStore had adjusted to continue serving them.

An important part of this website redesign was to keep the information clear and concise. This can be hard for many during times of crisis but ensures that their shoppers received a streamlined web experience. To further the point of clear and concise communication, we added an announcement bar at the top of the website so that their team could update quickly and easily with pertinent information. Finally, we condensed the navigation bar to only what is necessary to their website-users. 

One thing that we pride ourselves on at FootSteps Marketing is our ability to adapt quickly and our willingness to help when times are tough. Our team has been working tirelessly the last couple of weeks to make sure that our clients are supported, heard, and taken care of. We’ve been able to come up with unique solutions for many clients who felt they had no other options, providing helpful messaging for newsletters and social posts. In a time of uncertainty, it’s important to know that we are all in this together, so we need to work together to provide support where we can. 

We at FootSteps Marketing are humbled to have the opportunity to serve our community and our clients during this trying time. If you need assistance with your websites, your social accounts, or email campaigns, please feel free to reach out to us at and we will do everything we can to help.

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